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Hello! I am Rebekka Swan, professionally trained voiceover actress with hundreds of voiceover jobs under my crown, both singing, and acting! I trained at Voice One and Voice Trax in San Fransisco, and took workshops with Disney directors in L.A.!  I have a dream to use my talents for God and to bring God's kingdom to earth. Animation and the freedom of vision is provides is one amazing way to do that! 

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And She Sings too!!

1.  Send me your script and I will provide a FREE           sample within 24 hours

2.  Once we have determined it's the right fit, give       me as much information about your project as         possible. Orders under 100 words will be                   completed within 24 hours. 

3.  I send you a quote. Once we agree on a price,             we're off to the races! 

4.  I will record the full script and send you a wave,             mp3 or aiff file of the recording, plus an invoice.

5.  If you're completely satisfied with the recording,                 then the work is done and you pay the invoice. If                 you feel something is pronounced incorrectly or                 just not quite right, then email back with specific        

      re-record instructions. I will re-record as per your             instructions and send through the revised files.                   You only pay once you're satisfied with the recording

  💚   Multiple takes

  💚   Interactive character building creative process

  💚   The option of music and sound effects

  💚   High Quality WAV 44,1 khz sample rate and 

          16-bit resolution. (Or whatever you prefer) 

          Mp3 and AIFF available too. 

  💚   24 hour turn-around for most projects. 


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If you would like me to record a demo of your script,

please include an excerpt in the form below. 

To get a quotation for your project,

please include as much information as possible. 

If you leave your phone number,

I will give you a phone call to

clarify your needs and desires.

Order world-class

voice over

delivered in 24 hours

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